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Viking Perun's AXE Necklace

Pendants and bracelets with the axe of Perun and Viking axe, which are made using traditional Viking and Slavic patterns, weaves and symbols are very popular. According to legend, Perun used the axe in the battle with the Serpent, who swallowed the sunlight. The axe of Perun has not less importance than Mjolnir, and amulets with axes were and are not less popular jewelry than pendants with Mjolnir. The axe of Perun, like Mjolnir, is a symbol of the struggle against evil and dark forces. Viking pendant with the axe is a symbol of masculinity and an amulet of a warrior. The amulet of the axe of Perun strengthens the masculine character, improves the strength of the spirit, protects against evil intentions.

We offer a wide range of bracelets with axes and sets of bracelets with axe, as well as various types of viking pendants with axes.

This original accessory is worn by both men and women.

Viking Perun's AXE Pendants