Viking armband, buy Viking beads & charms - handmade of Pakabone
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Our designers have created a unique jewelry - the Viking armband, which consists of individual beads (charms). You will not find anything like this from anyone who makes Viking jewelry. The uniqueness of the decoration is that you can create yourself your own individual bracelet. The Asgard Viking armband consists of a leather strap with a snap and any set of charms. Each bead has its own unique drawing: images of the Viking gods, magic symbols, mythical creatures of North mythology, runes, traditional Scandinavian patterns. You can combine any charms and create your own unique sets with a variety of images: Mjolnir, Valkyrie, Helm of Awe, Vegvisir, Odin on Sleipnir, Loki, Drakkar, Jormungandr, Hugin and Munin, Fenrir and much more. We also created charms with all runes from the Futhark runic alphabet. You can buy charms with runes and create your name or any other inscription, for example HAIL ODIN Charms are made in three versions: bronze, silvered bronze, silver.

This truly unique bracelet has gained popularity among modern urban Vikings and admirers of North art all over the world.

Asgard bracelet can be a wonderful original gift.

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