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    Viking jewelry art is internationally recognized masterpiece of the world culture. In addition to martial arts, the Vikings possessed excellent jewelry abilities, created magnificent ornaments under the influence of rich mythology. Vikings worshiped the gods, from whom they wanted to receive courage, strength, perseverance, protection, determination, courage and fighting spirit. The image of the God and magical artifacts was often applied on jewelry, including Viking rings, worn by both men and women.

    A life of modern human is not so dangerous, but people still seek protection from the ancient gods. You can buy Viking rings which we create, with images of magic symbols: Mjolnir, Helmet of Awe, Vegvisir, Valknut, Triquetra. We also have a wide range of male and female rings with mythological animals: wolves Hati and Skoll, wolf Fenrir, ravens Hugin and Munin, Midgard Serpent Jormungandr.

    The power of any amulet in the faith of the person who wears it. If you believe in their protective and magical properties, their power will increase by many times and bring strength, calmness and luck to the owner, will help to find the right road in life.