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BRACELET WITH MJOLNIR: meaning of the Viking amulet

The hammer is a powerful weapon of the God of thunder and storm Thor who protected people and gods from giants and monsters. The Thor’s Hammer – Mjolnir – had magical properties and its blow caused thunder and lightning.

Mjolnir is the most popular decoration of the Viking jewelry art. Ornaments with Mjolnir have the properties of powerful talismans, therefore they are very common and in demand.

One of the most popular jewelry with the Mjolnir are male and female bracelets. Our collection of Viking leather bracelets with Thor’s hammer is very extensive and varied. We have both the exact copies of Mjolnir from archaeological excavations, and the hammer patterns created by our designers. You can choose and buy a bracelet of all kinds and sizes. If you believe in the power of Mjolnir, such an amulet will protect you from disasters and failures, give strength and confidence. In addition, Mjolnir is responsible for fertility, so a bracelet with Thor’s hammer can be worn by both men and women.

Viking Thor's Hammer Bracelets