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Артикул: 000-923

Скандинавський браслет 000-923

4.9 (100 відгуків)

Скандинавський браслет з вовчими головами.
Розмір регулюється і найліпше підходить для зап'ястя 15-21 см.
Метал: ювелірний п'ютер (олово ~95%). Безпечний для здоров'я людини сплав. Не містить, свинець, кадмій та нікель.

Древній вовчий культ прагерманців, знайшов відображення та продовження у вовках міфології вікінгів Гері та Фрекі, які були вірними слугами бога Одіна. Вони були не просто тваринами, а й чарівними істотами, які втілюють фізичну міць Верховного Бога древніх германо-скандинавських народів.

1 115UAH
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4.9 (100 відгуків)
Paul (United Kingdom)
Excellent quality. I bought one from this seller in 2019. Every day use polished and wore the metal away - don't expect it to last forever. I never took it off so no wonder. You won't be disappointed!
sharla (USA)
Its beautiful costume jewelry and has a nice weight.
Graeme (Australia)
looks great and was a great gift
Ian Sulzer (Sweden)
Awesome as always
Jeroen (The Netherlands)
Mooie kwaliteit. Het is wat ik er van verwachtte. Blij mee
Ralph (USA)
I got and still have this in pewter and have really enjoyed it. I was able to find it in sterling silver. Now I wear this in sterling silver. Yes the sterling one was way more expensive, but I really like it! The pewter one is still in excellent condition.
Pam (Canada)
Bought this for my 18 yo son for Christmas. He was very pleased with it. The only complaint is it’s difficult to get on his wrist. It must be bent open to allow it on his wrist, then squeezed on. He is concerned that it will eventually break as it weakens with each time he puts it on or takes it off.
beardedblues (USA)
comfortable must have for everyday use.
Ian Sulzer (Sweden)
Wonderful! High Quality and Really Detailed. Thank you
Sheridyn Armstrong (Australia)
beautiful. bit big for my wrist (ladies) but well made, stunning
Juan Manuel (Mexico)
excelente calidad, hermosos detalles, se lo entregaré a mi esposa hasta el día 14 de Septiembre pero estoy seguro que la va a encantar, muchas gracias.
Mihai Spiridon (Romania)
Best quality and fast delivery
Владимир Яворский
Замечательный браслет, отличная детализация и качество! Заказ обработан быстро и чётко. Спасибо за работу!
Yilaing Siritt (Chile)
I bought this for my husband’s birthday and he loved it! The pieces are beautiful crafted. I’ll definitely come back for more.
Katherine Mahala Burn (USA)
Lovely and solid piece of work.
Sarah Gower (USA)
Absolutely love it have several of these bracelets there awesome order it you won’t regret it!
Deliver in time
beautiful and very ornate bracelet (as well as the ring). Really a great job
Brian A Novoa (USA)
This is my third arm ring I received. First two was the Odin raven and its replacement, and now my third is the Fenrir arm ring. It is so strong and heavy! I love it absolutely!
Cynthia Lynn Jenkins (USA)
I bought this for my boyfriend. He loved it! Beautifully made!
Richard Krout (USA)
Looks exactly like it should. Nice heavy weight Very satisfied
Deva Rosenberger (USA)
Awesome intricate arm ring. Quick shipping. World class seller.
bianca greenhalgh (Australia)
Great quality, strong and durable
Bryan greenlee (USA)
Second one that I’ve happily purchased!! The first was for me, the second was a gift for someone who envied mine. It came surprisingly fast again!!! Recommended!
Amanda Morrical (USA)
This product is well crafted and super detailed. I was amazed at how heavy it is. My son is going to be super excited.
Benny Eriksson (USA)
This arm ring is truly adjustable to fit even small wrists (my skinny seven year old daughter could wear it although she could slip her hand out on the tightest position). I was too heavy for her to wear comfortably though (I got this one for me). I got her a lighter weight one marketed as good for all family members including boys and girls. No way. Things were just adjustable enough for my use; they were falling off my daughter's upper arm at their tightest.
Bethany Turton (United Kingdom)
Very well made! Cannot wait to give it to my partner at Christmas
Margaret Walker (New Zealand)
Awesome bracelet. Chunky, beautifully crafted, amazing detail. Very happy with this purchase.
charley oelze
sehr schön , super verarbeitet,passt super !
Jörg Higert
I love it ... excellent detailed work, it's really real craftsmanship ... very fast shipping from ukraine to germany ... anytime again greetings from Berlin / Germany
P.S.: my next purchase will be in real silver :)
Carie Lince
Heavy and well done.
This was a mothers day present I received and i love it. Heavy weight, deep carvings so the pattern is def visible. The bracelet bends easily to adjust for your wrist too.
Peter Roetzer
Love this exactly what I wanted well made and crafted. Also shipped quickly and delivered when promised. Would most certainly purchase from this seller again.
Andrew morris
Very pleased with the product, fits well, looks great and doesn't weigh too much at all.
Edward Moldenhauer
Beautifully crafted tor and well worth the money.
Khristina Krunk
It’s definitely nice for the price. Shipping took over a month though.
Arrived sooner than expected and was in very good condition. Bought it as a gift for a friend as a late birthday gift and he absolutely loved it!
Jordan Thomas
Amazing quality and speedy international shipping- I could not be more pleased with this!
Jack Garrett
Nice and Good quality. I will recommend them to my friends.^^
Brandon Borquist
Its a work of art absolutely love it.
Patty Walcott
So freaking cool! I got this for my boyfriend and he absolutely LOVES it, he wears it all the time and it looks amazing on him. The bracelet is actually able to bend so you can open it to get onto your wrist and then bend it closed, I was super surprised. Really heavy duty and amazing quality!
Marvin Bauer
It is just a beautiful crafted armring, I love it. Considering I bought an armring for 22€ from a different website before (which was garbage btw) I was amazed at the quality for this one. It came relatively fast and there were no problems with the shipping. Thank you very much and greetings from Germany :)
jessica Parrinello
I was so impressed by this bracelet! Material is great not cheap at all. You can bend it to size and it does not feel like it will snap in half. The design is detailed love it!
Glenn Archie
awesome, didn't expect such quality! recommended seller!
Joseph alcorn
I love it! There's alot of detail put in it and it brings out my inner viking
Johnny Vannimmen
Zeer mooi ding ben er tevreden mee
Charlet Schaule
Bought as a gift......he loved it. Great quality. Beautiful detail.
Peter J Kleis
Quite heavy, as was described but getting used to it . LOVE IT !
Rodney McCormack
As described, product delivered on time and is in fine condition. Makes a outstanding gift.
Alles top
Lieferung, Aussehen, Mailkontakt!
Ein tolles Geschenk, mein Mann ist sehr (!) begeistert.
Auf eine Frage von mir an den Verkäufer wurde sofort kompetent geantwortet - Dankeschön
Rodrigo Villarroel
Omg, this is an amazing brazalet!
To begin with, the presentation is great, and the brazalet has a beautiful desing and details.
Dana DeVaul
It's a heavy, beautiful bracelet. It shipped on time for me.
Absolutely stunning. Meticulous workmanship and amazing detail. Thank you so much.
Minnie and Henery Krunb
WHETHER FACTORY produced or hand-made .... THIS is an INCREDIBLE accent piece! It IS the best example currently on the market and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the 'Viking' devotee.
There's an odd 'feeling of security' when wearing this spectacular [yet modest] piece ~ excellent for Guys and gals!
Tanis Blazehammer
Really like it but it has turned my arm black and is cracking in some places. Great idea, just wish it was better for the price I paid.
david haun
Great! BUY this. Gotten so many compliments! Could speak volumes. Really good deal!
Janice Cook
Well made and nicely finished.
Ron Saunders
It is awesome :), it arrived today and I love it! Just what I wanted! :) :)
Erin MacInnis
Bracelet received and extremely happy about the quality, it fit perfectly ! Thank you
gaen foskett
The craftsmanship is amazing. I didn't realize by looking at a picture it would be even more amazing. The weight, the detail. Is wow
Linda Hobbet
Awesome bracelet! It is well made and very masculine looking. Looks awesome on my husband. It is also nice and flexible for tightening around the forearm and for removing. A very nice product.
Zach Lopez
Amazing work! I love everything about it; the details, the weight, how it feels, everything.
I got it in the mail today, and am so happy!
Catherine Hibbitt
Exactly as pictured. little bigger on my wrist then what was listed, but its fine.
Eric Raulet
I think its the best quality, and a beautiful piece of art, I'm truly happy with my purchase and highly recommend this dealer, thank you
Peter Zeller
Very well made.
I was not sure about the size but now i love it.
Marissa Martin
Stunning craftsmanship. Perfect for gifts for my bridal party
Mark Olsen
This is a very well made arm ring. As long as you don’t take it on and off it’s great! Made from pewter so it doesn’t take long to get nicks. I love it though because it looks more aged at that point. Also I have small wrists and it works
Siby Joseph
Very good choice. Already every one asks me where I bought it from me. I shared the details. Hope you guys get busy after holidays.
Tyler Pomrink
Beautiful, fits perfect, and delivered ahead of time.
Bryan Bradley Schuller
Really cool product, great gift
Jeremy Austin
very well made and bigger then i thought/ 3rd thing I have bought from them and have been pleased with all of them
Mark Thornton
This is an absolute favourite. Never take it off. Beautifully made. Thanks again for all your service, A true craftsman.
Heather Clark
Shipped on time and quickly. My bf loves it and was surprised. Quality and design impressed me. 5 stars.
Produit de grande qualité, un travail d’orfèvre. je suis totalement satisfait de mes nouvelles acquisitions .
Merci et certainement à bientôt
(Un savoir faire européen à préserver précieusement !)
James A. Cole
I love the weight and the detail is astounding. Geri and Freki would be proud. There’s nothing to dislike.
Yumi Hardy
Omg he loves this most! It is very heavy duty bracelet. It is Not cheap material at all. I can not believe. So beautiful. We recommend it a lot. But you have to open by hand and then wear it.
helene garmigny
belle objet, livraison ultra rapide +++
Tom Lipare
Beautiful, very sturdy piece of jewelry. I arrived very fast. The bracelet is heavier than I expected. Very well made. I will need to purchase another for myself.
Luis Rohena
I've bought various pieces within the last few years and have yet to be disappointed. Great quality and craftsmanship. You can't go wrong. Love it!!
Beau Reeder
Love it! It is a little tight getting on but sits nice on my wrist. Would buy if your even thinking about it. Price is awesome too, very good Quality
Grace Boockholdt
Absolutely love this item! Thank you!
Beautiful workmanskip on this torc. My brother loves it.
L Stetson
Bought this for my partner! He loves it... It has a nice weight and is very well made. He has been wearing it for about a month when we go out and it still looks as sexy and beautiful as it did the day it arrived. I will definitely make another purchase from this seller again. Thank you to Pakabone!
Amazing detail and overall quality. Love it
Michael Pawlicki
Great item looks good either way round on the wrist.
Peter Van Geel
Exactement comme je l' attendais ! Exactement comme sur la photo ! Envois rapide et soigné pour tous les articles que j' ai commandé à cette boutique. Je recommanderai certainement prochainement !
Charles Nichols
Fantastic craftsmanship. My only concern is whether it will hold up to cyclic fatigue when expanded for removal then collapsed for wear.
Absmaier Michael
sehr gut verarbeitet. gefällt mir sehr gut
Heike Pätzold
Sehr schnelle Lieferung! Sehr schönes Armband!
Bin total begeistert! Echt toll!
Sieht genauso aus, wie auf dem Bild.
Kelsi Rae
My fiance loves it! It arrived much quicker than I expected.
Dustin Driver
Not really adjustable
Ryan-Big Nelly Loc
Excellent Craftsmanship and well made. I love this piece and if it happens to break in time I would buy another one hands down. Best arm ring I have ever owned. For the price, quality and compliments it's well worth it.
Aurea Rivera
I bought this as a gift and the guy loved it. His lat one would cut his wrists and this one is smooth and it is the best thing every. Thought about buying me one later down the line.
Arnie Pangilinan
Excellent quality bracelet,fits perfect,will definitely be purchasing more,many thanks
Gina Hine
My friend absolutely LOVED this! He's a carpenter, and wears it to work.
It takes a beating, but still looks amazing!
Jennifer Taylor
Very cool bracelet and it arrived sooner than expected! Very good service and quality merchandise, thank you!
Felice Nicola
Chris Bedell
Amazing piece! Adjusts easily, great detail, good weight and has a nice thickness so it looks good on even men with bigger arms and wrists.
Daniel Shepherd
The arm ring is just like pictured, but somehow better. It adjusts very easily. It came in 4 days early (from Ukraine to Missouri).
The seller answered my question quickly and seemed knowledgeable on the item and material.
The rest of my kindred will be getting the same one and we all love it.
chris chadwick
I've own this for 4 months and love it so far until now because, you have to stretch it open to put on your wrist and than close it to fit your wrist,it is really easy to do also, and now its is starting to crack where you have to stretch it open, I've keep it on in the shower and rain it have not faded or lost any coloring or anything. but does look great so far except begin to crack, I dont expect last too much longer.
Freddy F Covas
Great design and beautiful details!!!
Gae Webster
Excellent service, item exactly as described, beautifully carved.
Would highly recommend this trader.
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