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Подвеска Молот Тора

5.0 (2 отзыва)

Большой бронзовый Молот Тора с узорами в стиле Маммен и Эллинг.
Шнур для подвески в комплект не входит.
Металл: итальянская посеребренная бронза (медь 88%; олово 12%)
Вес: 45 г
Размер: 5,2см х 3,9см
Размер отверстия: 5 мм х 7 мм

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5.0 (2 отзыва)
Wonderful pendant! Fast shipping! My husband loves it and hasn’t taken it off since I gave it to him! Thank you so much!
Bought this along with its similar bracelet. The bracelet turned out a bit smaller than expected (got S because I have tiny wrists, but going one bigger proved to be a better fit after all), but exchanging it was no problem whatsoever. The replacement got stuck in customs due to some mailing shenanigans, but those are not the vendor's fault. In fact, after waiting for a month for the mailing issue to be resolved, the seller offered to send a replacement instead, free of charge. So that's some great piece of service and commitment to customers right there!
Regarding the quality of the products themselves, they're absolutely amazing. I chose Pakabone's pendants over the others you can find because the quality of the reliefs you see on the photos is completely true to reality: The decorations look so much more detailed!
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