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Артикул: 001-091

Скандинавский браслет

5.0 (23 отзыва)

Скандинавский браслет с головами воронов Одина Хугин и Мунин.
Размер подходит на запястье 15-21 см.

Ворон в мифах, легендах и сказаниях являются источником скрытых знаний. ​​
Пара воронов Хугин и Мунин в скандинавской мифологии, которые летают по всему миру Мидгарду и сообщают богу Одину о происходящем. На древнеисландском Hugin означает «мыслящий», а Munin — «помнящий». Один посылает воронов собирать информацию, после чего они прилетая садятся ему на плечи и пересказывают увиденное, для этого Один наделил их речью.

Материал: ювелирный пьютер (олово).



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5.0 (23 отзыва)
Danielle Doud
Just as described. Im very satisfied.
Margaret Kennedy
After having ordered a much cheaper/flimsier bracelet from a different site, this exceeded our expectations. It arrived quickly! Also, the bracelet itself was very sturdy & intricate in detail. My boyfriend wears it everyday. It’s a little hard to get on/off because I’d how sturdy it is but that’s ok-rather that than being flimsy and end up breaking.
Daniel Simon
The bracelet has arrived !!! It’s amazing and easy to adjust. If you love Viking viking mythology I would recommend this bracelet.
Amazing quality.
Fast delivery.
Adam Baldeon
Awesome look and. Rey comfortable
Jess Walker
It's beautiful as pictured, I love it!
Mara Riley
Very nice bracelet, delivered quickly
Abby Higgins
Super cool piece, absolutely love the design and lore behind it. Good weight, fits nice. It might just be my new favorite bracelet!
Silver Scales
This was an anniversary give for me! I love it.
Christopher Mitchell
Skål... What an awesome piece of jewelry.
Alec King
The bracelet looks great! It's a bit chunkier than I'd have thought, though that is not a bad thing. Extremely pleased, looks even better in person!
Shawn Veach
Beautiful item
it looked small like it wouldn't fit my wrist but that's just how they pack it you can bend it open to fit your wrist i have a 3 1/2 inch gap which the band still looks nice on me in my opinion but some people may not like that and want it a closed band but it helps for me since i like the band and i need a gap to rest my wrist on the keyboard while i type this review and using the computer in general...
Jamie Osborne
It bends to fit. The beaks of Odin's Ravens dig into my skin giving me sensual pain. Highly recommend.
Jason Wiard
Great product, they really liked their gift. Thank you.
Joshua Buzzie
Pakabone rocks! I will order more! Amazing quality and fast shipping!
andy tirlo
It's awesome can't say more then that
Mike Cannon
Beautifully crafted and cast. Looks better in real life !
Florent Portal
Nice & sturdy, arrived fast. I love the level of detailing.
Scott Bennett
Very sturdy. Easy to spread apart to fit around wrist. Arrived in mail with smooshed packaging, not a big deal. Absolutely love it. Have taken it off a couple times and still no sign of wear. Very good quality.
Brent Martin
Badass armring! Very comfortable. Looks great on my wrist!
Exceeded my expectations. I bought this item not only for the detail but the reviews! Everyone seemed very pleased and so I decided to purchase it. It is absolutely gorgeous. I bought it for my husband for Christmas. He really got into the show on History Channel called “Vikings” he loves history and the Norse tales of Vikings and their god’s. He is going to be so happy!
Thank you times a million. Your shipping time was unbelievable too. You rock!!
DireWolf Omega
Gorgeous bracelets and packaging. I'm going to buy another pair right now!
Purchased this to be used at a handfasting. This is meant for the forearm rather than the upper arm--I have large wrists, but was able to gently bend it open and move it about halfway up my forearm where it sat nicely. It won't encircle the whole arm that way, but will stay and place and not rotate around the arm much at all. The metal band running on the inside provides a level of heft and structure that I appreciated. The level of detail is impressive; you can tell the original model was handcarved. I am very happy I went with this over any of the other armbands I considered.
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